Emergency jump starter e-commerce spot check results released: Only 2 companies, CARKU and Baseus, passed the spot check


On June 13th, 2023, the Guangdong Mobile Power and Energy Storage Industry High-Quality Development Conference was held at the Guangdong Quality Inspection Institute. Senior executives, technical engineers, and certification officials from relevant companies were invited to participate, fully understanding the latest certification system and application process, and enhancing product quality.


During the first session of the conference, the Guangdong Quality Inspection Institute announced the results of the spot check of Emergency jump starter e-commerce products. Only 2 companies, CARKU and Baseus, passed the spot check. A total of 16 Emergency jump starter products were investigated in this spot check, based on the following standards:

1.GB 4943.1-2022 "Safety Requirements for Audio, Video, Information Technology and Communication Technology Equipment - Part 1."

2.GB 35590-2017 "General Specification for Mobile Power Equipment for Portable Information Technology Devices."

3.CAB 1022-2014 "Testing of Lithium-ion Battery Emergency Jump Starter for Automobiles."


The testing mainly included six aspects: product labeling and instructions, conversion efficiency, simulated starting current testing, high-temperature storage testing, material flame retardancy, and free-fall testing, simulating extreme environments when consumers use the products.

According to the Guangdong Electronic Digital Industry Association Evaluation Center, the purpose of this evaluation is to help consumers better understand the performance and quality of the products, and to encourage manufacturers to continuously improve product quality, promote high-quality and healthy development of the industry.


As a consumer, when purchasing products, it is recommended to choose products produced by companies that have completed mandatory certification for starting.



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