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Generation I (2012-2013): The first one with small size, light weight and 4 major protections In 2012, Karku took the lead in the industry to launch the world's first portable lithium battery multi-functional emergency starting power supply (01 model), creating a lithium battery multi-functional car emergency starting power supply industry, replacing the dragon crossing the river to catch fire and borrowing power, improving the Great convenience.

auto emergency jump starters

In 2013, Carcool successively launched multiple series of starting power supplies, including the Tuhao Gold Series, Colorful Series, Super Car Series, Ultra-Thin Series, etc., which increased the charging power while greatly reducing the product size.

auto emergency jump starters

Generation II (2014-2015): 3-cell battery structure with long life, more than 1,000 cycles, 40% increase in starting ability, 6 major protections Based on various usage scenarios, Karku has launched starting power supplies such as supercapacitor series, lithium iron battery series, wireless charging series, heavy truck series, and agricultural machinery series, as well as car chargers, mobile phone holders and other auto accessories.

auto emergency jump starters


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