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What are the functions of CARKU Heavy Truck Starting Batteries?

It supports car jump start and use with parking air conditioning. Our lithium battery uses a newly customized special low-temperature battery cell, which can also be used in cold areas. The battery cell is also a safer lithium iron phosphate battery cell. The battery cycle life is more than 3000 times, and it can generally be used for about 8 years. The battery has multiple safety protections, and its service life and safety far exceed those of ordinary batteries. It has a five-year national warranty, comes with one-button forced start + GPS positioning, and supports mobile phone connection to monitor the battery.

What are the advantages of CARKU Heavy Truck Starting Battery?

1. The battery is 24 volts, so you only need to install one;
2. Long life, can be used for 7 or 8 years normally, with a 5-year warranty;
3. Customized special low-temperature battery cells, can be used from -40°C to 60°C;
4. When the battery power is less than 20%, it will automatically warn to reserve power for the car to start;
5. For example, CB230 has a capacity of nearly 6 kWh, and a full charge can power the parking air conditioner for more than 12 hours;
6. Connect to the mobile app, you can directly view the battery power, monitor the location, and control the switch and other operations.



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