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Super Capacitor Batteryless Jump Starter

Jump box for car composed with ultra capacitor has its unique characteristics: high efficiency, large discharging current, wide range of voltage and temperature, long cycling life, maintenance-free, and more suitable to environmental conditions for emergency start-up.

It works for Automotive, Marine, RTVs, Motorcycles, Garden Tractors, Taxis, Emergency Vehicles; perfect as a Roadside Assistance Jump Starter!

Shock protection

Rubber cover design for the whole product , protect hands from hurt and protect the unit from shock

● 3mm thick rubber 

● Feel comfortable

● Industrial grade

LED Flashlight is used for camping at night.

How to Use Ultra Capacitor to Jump Start Car?

1. Connect Red (+) clamp of jump starter to red(+) positive terminal of vehicle,then connect Black(-) clamp to black(-) negati Ve terminal of vehicle.
2. When the screen turn to“JUMP START READY”it can jump start car.
3. If the capacitor is power off, it can charging by the car battery or press boost to charging from back-up battery.
When the screen turn to “JUMP START READY”,it can jump start the car .
4. Once vehicle is started remove Black(-) clamp from vehicle and then Red(+) clamp from vehicle. Leave vehicle running.

How To Charge Ultra Capacitor?

1. Connect the jumper clamp to the car battery terminal, detect the voltage and internal resistance of the car battery 

2. If the car battery is low voltage and the LCD displayer shows “JUMP START READY”, the ultra capacitor can jump start the car after 10S. If the car battery is >12V and LCD displayer shows“CHARGING”, after 45 to 60S, the LCD displayer will show “JUMP START READY”, the ultra capacitor can jump start the car after 10S.

3. If the car battery is <6V, need to charge the ultra capacitor from another car.
a. Use 12V cigarette lighter to charge it after two minutes, the ultra capacitor voltage shows 15V, it can jump start the car.
b. Charging it by the car battery for 45S to 60S, the LCD displayer shows “JUMP START READY”, the ultra capacitor can jump start the car.

4. Press the backup battery button to charge it by the backup 6000mAh battery  , after 4min, when the LCD displayer shows ”JUMP START REDAY”, the ultra capacitor can jump start the car.

5. Use the AC adapter to charge it after 20min and the LCD displayer shows the ultra capacitor voltage 15V, it can jump start the car.

Ultra-capacitor Jump Starter  VS
Lithium battery  jump starter(18000mAh)
Jump start resource
 lithium battery 


Net weight
12V jump start
5V 1A,5V 2A,12V 10A,19V 3.5V, 12V jump start
5V 2A,12V 10A
15V 1A
LED light
Peak current

Cycle time
>100,000 times
>1000 times
Cranking time
above 40 times
Charging time
2min(12V 10A)
8hours(15V 1A)
Charging method
5V 2A,12V 10A,car battery,back-up battery
15V 1A,5V 2A

Operating temp.

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