Portable Jumper Starter with Dual Quick Charge Ports

8000mAh emergency battery jumper is a new design in 2018, and quick charging element add its advantage over other normal 8000mAh car starter power pack, which save a lot of time to charge itself in less than two hours if it is full discharge. Besides, dual USB output ports can power up to more than two electronical USB devices if with 3 in 1 USB cable. Never bother where to find another battery charger to keep your phone on in emergency. Pocket design and adorable looking will be a great gift for women, your daughter, girlfriend, wife, mother, ect.

8000mAh mini lithium jump starter CARKU EPower-116

What vehicles can you start?

8000mAh car jumper EPower-116 can start up to 3.0L 12V petrol cars.

8000mAh mini lithium jump starter CARKU EPower-116 details

Highlight for B attery Jumpers EPower-116

1. Jump under 3.0L gasoline cars

2. Dual USB quick charge output
3. Quick charge input,charging time<2 hours
4. ABS housing in V0 Anti-fire grade
5. UL approved Lithium Polymer battery assure functions
6. Long cycle life over 1000 cycles

8000mAh mini car starter power pack CARKU EPower-116 specification

New Design

jump start starter EPower-116 is a sister version on jump start car battery EPower-03, which was popluar before, when we invented it. Now Epower-116 will be a new star in 2018. Let us have it now. You will definitely deserve it because it is a best portable battery jumper:delicated design, quick charge input and output USB ports , multifunctional, easy to operation.

carku new design 8000mah battery jumpers


1. battery charger jump starter *1

2. USB cable *1

3. Smart jumper clamp*1

4. Manual *1

how to start 12V best portable car battery jump starter

How to use battery pack charger for car?

* Please connect the plug to jump starter 12V; * Please connect red clamp of jump cable to car battery positive pole"+", and connect black clamp to car battery negative pole"-";
* Please go into car and start your engine;
* Please remove the clamps from the car battery.

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