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6000mAh Wireless Jump Starter 

Wireless charger adds one more function to this model EPower-55.  No need to connect cable to plug into your smart phone, only put your phone on the jump starter surface. it will be in charge. Never frustrated with too much longer or shorter cable to bother you. Fantastic!

Wireless Charger Car booster Specification:

Working Voltage:5V

Working Current: 1A

Transmit Power: 5W

Working Frequency: 105KHz-205KHz
Working Distance: 8mm


* USB cable

*Smart jumper cable

* Manual

How to use 12v lithium car starter battery to start your car?

*Please connect the plug to jump starter 12V;

*Please connect red clamp of jump cable to car battery positive pole"+",and connect black clamp to car battery negative pole"-";

*Please go into car and start your engine;

*Please remove the clamps from the car battery.

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