Portable 12V 24000mAh Car Jump Starter 1000Amp

High battery capacity jump start car battery charger EPower-40 is designed for professional emergency tool market to jumpstart big engine power size with diesel or petrol. EPower-40 is 2 in 1 design with 12 voltage and 24 voltage, which can identify vehicle battery to boost when it is connected in right way.

How to operate key on CARKU EPower-40 jump starter?

Test Key

when you press test key, you will know the power usage and unlock it.

12V/24V Key

It is an alternative to start 12V or 24V Vehicles.
when you press 12V button till three seconds, 12V delicator will be lit up to start 12V vehicles.

When you press 24V button till three seconds, 24V delicator will be lit up to start 24V vehicles.

12V/24V Indicator
a. If 12V or 24V indicator is on all the time, EPower-40 jump starter connects 12V or 24V vehicles battery well, and directly jump start vehicles.
b. If either 12V or 24V indicator is flashing, EPower-40 jump starter  needs to press 12V or 24 key till 3 seconds.when 12V or 24V indicator is on all the time, EPower-40 jump starter  can jumpstart vehicle battery in 30 seconds.
c. If 12V or 24V indicator is flashing alternately, EPower-40 jump starter can't identify vehicle voltage,so it need to press 12V or 24V key correctly till 3 seconds. When 12V or 24V indicator is on all the time, it can jumpstart vehicle battery in 30 seconds.
d. If 12V or 24V indicator are flashing at the same time,it connects vehicle battery in wrong way, please check and correct it.

the power indicators will be flashing one by one repeatedly if charging. the number of lighting indicator will show the usage of battery of jump starter charger. the five indicator will be lit on to die out if in full charge.

The NO. of Indicators
  all off     5 flashing    1 on     2 on     3 on     4 on      5 on   
The Percentage of power usage 0% 10% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%


* Car charger

* Home Charger

* Manual

How to use 12v lithium car starter battery to start your car?

* Please make sure more than 3 power indicators of 12V car booster, and 12V or 24V indicator are off;

* Please connect red clamp of jump cable to car battery positive pole"+", and connect black clamp to car battery negative pole"-";

* Portable jump starter EPower-40 will automatically identify 12V or 24V car battery;

* Please go into car and start your engine;

* Please remove the clamps from the car battery.

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