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CARKU won the title of Quality Demonstration Enterprise in Longhua District


Recently, Shenzhen Municipal Administration of Market Supervision released the announcement about 2022 Longhua District Quality Demonstration Enterprise (Unit): CARKU won the 2022 Longhua District Quality Demonstration Enterprise.

The selection has stringent requirements in terms of quality, which requires expert material review and on-site review, and finally selects enterprises and organizations with scores over 200 points and ranking in the top 10.

It is reported that since 2022, Longhua District Market Supervision Administration has continued to increase support for the cultivation of quality brands, promote the establishment of a modern enterprise system, promote industrial upgrading and development, etc., with the aim of comprehensively improving the city's ability and level of supply of quality products and services and promoting high-quality economic development.

Therefore, this selection is also a comprehensive evaluation and recognition by the government of the work done and the results achieved by the enterprises in terms of their independent innovation capability, core competitiveness and brand building.



Longhua quality brand, strength is guaranteed

To actively respond to the call of Longhua District Government, CARKU has developed a number of products around lithium technology to benefit people's livelihood through product innovation - car jump starter, portable power station, coreless hair dryer and  power tools to enhance users' product application experience.

We maintain high standards and requirements for our products and optimize our production system, with an annual production capacity of 5 billion. Our products have obtained product certifications from UL, CE, FCC, PSE, RoHS series and multiple system certifications such as ISO9001, TS16949, BSCI and C-TPAT.

Our attitude towards product and our achievements in quality have won us the honor of 2022 Longhua District Quality Demonstration Enterprise.


Forge ahead with no arrogance or impetuosity

As a member of the 2022 Longhua District Quality Demonstration Enterprise, we bear in mind the corporate mission—smart energy makes life better, and will continue to shoulder corporate responsibilities, step by step, continue to develop new products and new processes, and meet market demand with excellent quality , Continuously improve user satisfaction.


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