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Overseas News丨Carku Participated 2022 ALL-ENERGY AUSTRALIA Exhibition


Recently, Carku carried portable power stations at the 2022 ALL-ENERGY AUSTRALIA Exhibition in Melbourne.

 As a result of the extreme weather in recent years, there is an urgent need for portable power stations as a backup power source for households in areas covered by the Australian National Electricity Market. In order to promote the development of the Australian energy storage industry, Australia's largest renewable energy exhibition was officially launched with the support of the Australian government.


This exhibition showcased various forms of clean and renewable energy and brought together many professional buyers and sellers from the energy industry to discuss the development trend of the new energy industry.


Carku staff introduce products to domestic and foreign customers


Striving to meet the needs of consumers and realize the mission of smart energy for a better life, Carku carried the latest portable power stations at the exhibition, which attracted the attention of numerous exhibitors as soon as the products were displayed.



Carku portable power stations use materials that are cleaner and more environmentally friendly. The power supply uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), which has a high safety index and low environmental pollution.


Most of the power stations on the market use ternary lithium cells, and the cobalt contained in the cathode material is toxic, which is not conducive to environmental protection and needs further treatment.



In addition to being energy clean and friendly, Carku products offer users safer and more convenient features with the following features.


Utral-safe: LIFEPO4 battery cell, CARKU DSLI patented battery management system, fire and explosion proof, long  lifetime.After heavy pressure, no open flame, no explosion,cycle life≥3000times.


Constant power: multiplication technology, super multiplied load.Intelligent inverter technology, compatible with 99% of common electrical equipment, even if the rated power is exceeded, it can continue to supply power without interruption.


Long battery life: Optional extra battery, double power.The extra battery can be matched with a variety of models, and the choice is more free.


Instant start: quickly start 12V car, jump starting your car everywhere.Carku, as the inventor of Li-ion jump starter, is the committee of drafting jump starter industry standard in china, with the world's leading car jump start technology.


The exhibition ended successfully. As the preferred supplier of lithium battery application solutions, Carku will adhere to the mission of the era of green low-carbon transition, closely focus on the new tasks and requirements of energy development, and follow the trend of the international new energy market.



In the future, Carku will also make efforts in technological innovation and industrial synergy, and the marketing network will go hand in hand with other fields to promote the quality development of the new energy industry.



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