Carku has been invited to participate in the 2nd 2023 Northeast Automotive Aftermarket Summit


Collaborative innovation for joint development, and gathering momentum to explore a smart and winning future. Recently, the "2nd 2023 Northeast Automotive Aftermarket Summit" co-sponsored was successfully held in Harbin.

The theme of this summit was "Integrating Values, Pooling Efforts for Revitalization", covering four aspects: taking trends, clarifying paths, optimizing techniques, and using tools. The summit brought together many elites in the automotive aftermarket industry to discuss in-depth the various issues facing the Northeast automotive aftermarket, and to promote the healthy development of the industry.

During the summit, Carku's Sales Director, Zhou Xiaolei, delivered a keynote speech titled "True Capacity, No False Advertisement: Carku Sets the Benchmark". He elaborated on the development path of the company and explained how Carku has become a leader in the industry. This is in line with the four aspects of the summit: taking trends, clarifying paths, optimizing techniques, and using tools.

Take the trend and clarify the path, stay steady for a long-term success

Since its establishment, Carku has firmly seized every opportunity, insight into the needs of automotive aftermarket consumers, and developed the first portable car emergency jump starter. Not only is it convenient to carry, but it also integrates digital electronic product charging and emergency lighting functions, increasing the frequency of consumer product usage and making car emergency jump starters no longer "idle".

Once the product was launched, it was well-received by consumers and received widespread praise, selling to more than 50 countries on six continents, and breaking the company's sales records multiple times.

Through 12 years of development, Carku has come to understand that it is important for the company to take a qualitative leap to achieve long-term success. During the production process, Carku adheres to the principle of "True Capacity, No False Advertisement" and uses high-quality, innovative, and high-tech products to lead the industry in positive development.

Optimizing techniques and using tools to break through and achieve success

Establishing an innovation-driven enterprise is an inevitable choice for Carku to achieve high-quality development.

Carku now has 469 global patents, including the DSLI IV generation - the fourth-generation intelligent safety jump starter, which has broken through the bottleneck of the industry's development, promoted the development of the enterprise, and even contributed to the high-quality development of the car emergency jump starter industry.

This year, Carku has made efforts in the Heavy truck starting battery, to provide a more comfortable product usage experience for truck and heavy truck drivers.

Finally, Sales Director Zhou introduced the classic products of Carku, the Inflatable Jump Starter, as well as the latest jump starter products, the Heavy truck starting battery.


The products showcased by Carku at the exhibition area received widespread attention and recognition from the audience and experts present at the event.

Taking this opportunity, Carku signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Kuaiche Tuan, a well-known automotive parts chain, and jointly developed and revitalized the automotive aftermarket industry, bringing better products and services to consumers, witnessed by industry elites at the event.


The Northeast Automotive Aftermarket Summit has come to a successful conclusion, and in the future, Carku will continue to regard innovation as the first element driving the development of the company, and work together with the industry to revitalize the automotive aftermarket.

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