CARKU General Manager attended “West Lake Summit”and delivered a speech


From August 15th to 16th, the 2022 5th West Lake Summit and Carsf Awards Annual Ceremony was grandly held.

45 industry leaders, 30+ guests and business representatives from automobile aftermarket related enterprises from all over the country gathered together to discuss new trends and opportunities in the aftermarket industry.

With the theme of "value symbiosis, @future", this summit is divided into 7 sessions: special salon private sharing session + supply chain sub-forum + auto repair factory sub-forum + operation vehicle aftermarket sub-forum + thousand people main forum + enterprise exhibition +Carsf Annual Awards Ceremony", which is rich in form and diverse in content.

As the inventor and industry standard maker of the emergency jump starter industry in the automotive aftermarket, Michael Zhang, General Manager of CARKU, was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech on Breaking through the bottleneck of business development with “inner sage and outer king”.

Focusing on the U.S. "337 investigation" case, he explained the successful experience of CARKU in winning the first trial: recognizing the importance of intellectual property rights to the development of enterprises as early as possible and strengthening the layout of intellectual property rights of enterprises.

CARKU, as the inventor of global lithium emergency car jump starter, has applied for domestic and foreign patents for its first car jump starter product as early as the beginning of its establishment, and subsequently has been actively laying out the intellectual property protection network.

This series of actions is Outer King, that is, it strikes hard to defend the rights of Chinese companies, set an example for companies going overseas, and encourage them to actively face the "337 investigation" of the United States and defend their legal rights.

Next, Michael told everyone how the company can break through the bottleneck of development through "inner sage", that is, "concentrate on being an Emergency Car Jump Starter".

Since its establishment 11 years ago, CARKU has focused on making the Emergency Car Jump Starter well, focusing on technology research and development, improving product quality, and building core product advantages around user needs.


Won the "Outstanding Brand of Domestic Products".At this conference, CARKU, with its strong product strength and high-quality service, won the 2022 Carsf Award Auto Parts Manufacturer TOP100 - "Outstanding Brand of Domestic Products" .

In the future, CARKU will continue to adhere to the corporate philosophy of "inner saints and outer kings", constantly break through itself, assist the development of enterprises, and make unremitting efforts to create products that satisfy consumers!

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