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Lithium battery products|Lei Yun,from Carku, made a guest appearance on Shenzhen Radio 106.2 “E Road Player”


On July 20, Mr. Lei Yun, the chairman of Shenzhen Carku Technology Co., Ltd. made a guest appearance on Shenzhen Radio 106.2 "E Road Player", talking with the host about lithium-ion products and introducing to listeners lithium-ion products such as car jump starter, outdoor power and wireless hair dryer.

Zhang Yi, host of “E Road Players”

Audio-Shenzhen Radio 106.2 “E Road Players”

Q: Mr. Lei Yun has been making battery products for a long time , right?

A: In 2004, I started working in the electronics industry, and now I’ve been in the industry for almost 17 years. We have made a lot of products related to batteries.

Chairman Lei Yun started his career in the electronics industry in 2004, and now he has been engaged in the research and development of lithium technology for more than 10 years, with rich experience in battery performance improvement. In 2011, he developed the world's first lithium battery car jump starter, and obtained the invention patent. We make significant breakthroughs in R&D innovation every year, and have obtained 309 global patents since the company was founded.

Left:Zhang Yi, the host of “E Road Player” Right:Lei Yun from Carku

Q: In fact, in real life, there are too many battery application products,so you mainly serve car enthusiasts this, right?

A: Yes, and the first lithium-ion application we made is the car jump starter.

Q: When it was first invented, car enthusiasts felt that this product would not work, due to the need of a lot of current,right? Also normally it can be used as a mobile power, isn’t it?

A: Yes, although the line is very thin and small, actually it can instantly produce several hundred amps of current, which really changes the concept of the product for many people. It can charge cell phones, laptops, and has an emergency lighting function.

First, Carku jump starter of lithium-ion application products

When the car is unable to start in the past, owners usually use battery wire. But if a second car can be found to help with the power, generally the rescue is called. So for car owners, it’s a good idea to have a car jump starter for a multi-purpose vehicles. This type of product can also be seen as an extended version of the Charger, which is not much different from the charger. But the main difference from a regular charger is that it provides greater output current.

The instantaneous current is up to 200 amps or more when the car is started, and the general rechargeable battery can not withstand such a large current. While this car jump starter can support several hundred amps of current. Carku jump starter is such a good product, able to start the car and supply power to other products, used for multi-purpose.

Second, Carku outdoor jump starter of the lithium-ion products

Q: Are there more scenarios where outdoor power is used?

A: The demand for electricity in the open air is really difficult to meet, so we have made an upgrade based on the previous products, one is to increase the whole battery capacity to meet the specifications of many of our current products. For example, we can get up to two degrees of electricity. The other one is that in addition to charge the laptop with this kind of phone, what’s more important is that we’re providing 220 volts of AC power. And our products received positive feedback from regular customers and outdoor players.

Q: Could I connect a plug-in board when charging?What interfaces are there on it? Can mainstream equipment be plugged directly?

A: Plug-in boards or devices are able to directly charge through a data line. Interfaces such as USB quick charging ports, TYPE-C ports, DC ports and cigarette lighter ports.

Q: If you choose an outdoor power supply, is the power different according to the appliances you use?

A: The conventional power ranks from 100 watts, 300 watts, 500 watts, 1000 watts and 1500watts. Our current products have a special technology, which means our product has a main battery, in order to expand the capacity, the secondary battery, equivalent to another batteries, is added.

Carku is a new brand of outdoor power. For different people and needs, Carku has developed outdoor power products with multiple power output of 100W, 500W, 600W, 1000W, etc. The battery material used is lithium-ion types,having high and dense energy , long cycle life, used more than 2000 times. Several multiple protection measures are taken on circuit , such as software and hardware protection, including overload protection, high and low temperature automatic power failure and other safety protection. Outdoor power supply has 110V/220V AC voltage output interface, and its output power is between 100W-1500W, which can supply power for various types of appliances such as cell phone, computer, digital camera, drone, fan, car refrigerator, rice cooker, electric tools, etc.

Carku outdoor power itself can reserve power. In addition to AC output, it also has USB-C, USB, DC and other multiple functional output interfaces, which can match the devices with different input interfaces. It can also be used in scenes such as self-driving tours, outdoor camping, outdoor photography, etc. Also do not worry about running out of power. In self-driving trip the jump starter can be charged by car charger or USB-C interface, and the solar panel .

Q: Currently can this outdoor jump starter be found online? If the user doesn’t know much about it, will there be, like, an experience?

A: We have it for sale in our online store. We have also recently prepared a similar activity to provide products so that some people who like the outdoors activities and camping can find our company to apply for a trial. It is offered to everyone for free.Because I think some people may not have used it, they do not know exactly what it is. After all, what I just said is that the main product is more than 2000¥. Is it okay for a lot of people to spend money on it? There may still be some concern. So there will be some activities in the future, so that people can experience our product better.

Q: What other lithium fields have you ventured into? What are the main advantages?

A: We have made small appliances wireless. Now we are developing a hair dryer, and it is also wireless. First we are not bound by the line, you can always charge as you go. The second one, it can also be quickly charged, fully charged in half an hour. The third is the waterproof design.

Q: Back to the hair dryer itself, how’s its blowing function?

A: As for the blowing function, we spent more than 100,000¥on installed motor, so the wind volume is particularly large. And we now adjust a more appropriate temperature about 50 degrees, slightly lower than the traditional temperature, more humane, comfortable, while the traditional higher temperature to the hair is actually harmful.

Third, Shinn wireless hair dryer for lithium-ion products

After the interaction with the host, Mr.Lei also talked about the development of a new product,Shinn wireless hair dryer, in order to bring convenience of wireless in daily life.

Although it is exquisite and compact, the speed of 120,000 rpm definitely shows great performance, very strong wind, and will not make your hair matted. Everything is just right. Blowing ordinary length of hair just takes a few minutes, and a little longer hair, no more than 10 minutes. Shinn employs wireless charging technology.When it is full charge, hot air lasts 15 minutes, cold air 1 hour, meeting the needs of a family.

With intelligent chip temperature control technology, shien wireless hair dryer's temperature is always controlled at 42 degrees spa wind, as comfortable as soaking in the spa. Not only can you blow dry your hair faster, but your hair will not be dry and frizzy after blowing, instead it will be shiny and smooth. Blowing hair can also help you care for your hair, killing two birds with one stone.

Fourth, how to choose lithium products?

Q: After listening to Mr.Lei, there are some unrelated products, such as this outdoor power, this hair dryer, and car jump starter.In fact, your company mainly focuses on the battery, right?

A: In fact, we mainly focus on battery technology ,BMS management system, and how to go to the perfect combination of it, and then apply it in different scenarios.

Q: How to choose these products from the market, in terms of jump starter?

A: First of all, consider the company's establishment time, brand strength, brand popularity. For example, our brand is a famous product in Shenzhen and Guangdong Province, with a 10-year history.After all, we are pioneers in this industry. After the purchase,have the first look at the comments, and the actual test, and simulate the situation when the car went without power .

A: The same goes for the outdoor power supply. Just plug in the charging device, and see how long it takes to charge, how long it will last, and multiply the power by the time it takes to calculate the capacity, because there will be some false label capacity.


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