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Top Rated Best Car Jump Starter


Top Rated Best Car Jump Starter

15000mAhCar Battery Power Pack EPower-45

*15000mAh or 18000mAh battery pack for pocket jump starter is available. it have enough power to boost different types of vehicles, such as motorcycle,ATVs, boats, yachting, mower, RV, and so on. especially 400A/800Amp to jump start vehicles up to all gasoline car and 5.5L diesel.

*Intelligent protection is built in the battery pack to prevent from short circuit,over-voltage, over-current, over-charge, over-discharge,over-temperature, reverse-charge, reverse polarity.
*Smart digital LCD display can be read with working data to help you to operate it in proper way. 
*5V/1A or 5V/2A port built in can charge MP3, MP4, smart phone, small fan, and other USB electronical devices.

*12V/10A port can be as jump starter with compressor, cigarette lighter jump starter, and also to charge automotive refreigerator, cleaner, solar panels.

*Two colors combined for housing make it look special.
*Small Size: 186*93*42 mm
*Light Weight: 650g

18000mAh booster jump starter EPower-82

* 18000mAh booster jump starter EPower-82 can be used for all gasoline car and 4500CC diesel vehicles, mower, motocyle, boat, SUV.  Great emergency auto tool for traveling.

* 5V/2A and 5V/1A Dual USB ports. It is multifunctional to  charges different USB devices, such as cell phone, MP3, MP4, portable fan, bluetooth speaker, and so on.
* 12V/10A output port. It can connect 12V automotive device,such as refrigerator, air compressor, car cleaner, car power inverter, solar panel, and so on.

*19V/3.5A laptop port.  This model is designed to charge laptop based on high demand market. 8 in 1 connectors and switch cable can plug with different slots for different laptops or notebooks.

*Emergency LED flashlight.  Three illumiation mode to face possible trouble. LED flashlight will be lite up in the darkess. Strobe can send a signal in emergency. SOS light if in danger.
*Intelligent jumper cable. it is designed to protect jump starter from short circuit, over-voltage,  over-current, over-charge, over-discharge,over-temperature, reverse-charge, reverse polarity when in use.
*Lithium-ion battery. Comparing to the lead acid battery, it is small size, long life cycles, bigger battery capacity in same housing.

18000mAh Battery Charger Starter EPower-103&109

18000mAh jump starter with air compressor EPower-103 & EPower-119 can start up to all vehicles.  It can restart 7.5L gasoline cars, 4.5L diesel vehicle, motocyles, mower, boats, and so on.

40000mAh Portable Battery Booster EPower-99

2000Amp peak current and 1000A start current lithium jump starter EPower-99A is extremely powerful to start 12V or 24V heavy duty vehicles, even tank.

Handheld jump starter is easy to take it out from your vehicle when you need it. 

Two USB ports can charge two USB devices at the same time.
* 12V/10A port can pump air compressor, cigarette lighter, and charge automotive refreigerator, cleaner, solar panels.

Smart LCD display can show working performance when you use it

Ultracapacitor Batteryless jump starter EPower-93

* Ultracapacitor has its unique characteristics: good performance in extreme low temperature, high efficiency, large discharging current, wide range of voltage and temperature, long cycling life, maintenance-free, and more suitable to environmental conditions for emergency start-up.

* It works for Automotive, Marine, RTVs, Motorcycles, Garden Tractors, Taxis, Emergency Vehicles; perfect as a Roadside Assistance Jump Starter.

* Various way to charge supercapacitor itselfConnect the jumper clamp to the car battery terminal, charge the ultra capacitor from another car, use the backup 6000mAh battery.


2018 New Design Battery Jump Starter

Supercapacitor jump starter EPower-109

* Excellent working performance in extreme cold weather around -20℃~60℃/-4℉~140℉.
Quite long lifetime cycles up to 100,000 times.
* Various charging method to get you out of trouble in discharge of ultracapacitor booster.
Smart LCD display get you easy to know the voltage and resistance of car battery.
Built in intelligent protection function to guarantee its stability and safety.

* Various way to charge supercapacitor itself : Connect the jumper clamp to the car battery terminal, charge the ultra capacitor from another car, use the backup 6000mAh battery.

12000mAh lithium battery jump starter EPower-105

* Compass help you never loss in the wildness.

* Two USB ports can charge two USB devices at the same time.

* Battery indicator show the usage of power anytime when it need charging.

* LED flashlight light your road in the darkness.

8000mAh Portable Jump Pack EPower-116

1. Jump under 3.0L gasoline cars
2. Dual USB quick charge output
3. Quick charge input,charging time<2 hours
4. ABS housing in V0 Anti-fire grade
5. UL approved Lithium Polymer battery assure functions
6. Long cycle life over 1000 cycles


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