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The China- Japan Economic Exchange


The China- Japan economic exchange from Over 70 delegates from Japan's economic circle headed by Shiga Jun, a director of Nissan Motor Co and shenzhen enterprises promoted innovation and cooperation to win time and future between countries in qianhai,shenzhen.  14 national enterprises including Tencent, DJI, CARKU are invited to attended this exchange.  

The China- Japan economic exchange enhances mutual communication, promote the in-depth exchange between enterprises of two countries, expand the international influence of qianhai and attract excellent foreign funded enterprises to invest in Qianhai.

Shenzhen innovative enterprises introduced their technology, products and value to Japanese delegates. DJI introduced their drones in different shape and function, Tencent presented their popular communicating QQ, wechat, and CARKU highlighted mini car lithium jump starter to restart auto vehicles.

In tradition, we all use heavy duty big lead-acid battery starter to jump our draining car battery, which is not easy to move or carry. However, it is not a question, CARKU invent lithium battery car booster to be small,portable and good looking. It is very convenient for drivers as an emergency tool kit.

 DJI attended china japan economic exchangetencent attended china japan economic exchange
carku invent mini lithium car jump starter

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