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Birthday Party for CARKU Employees


CARKU, a young enterprise to sell jump starters with around 500 employees, is developing very fast in automotive field from 2011 till now. The great achievement we got rely on carku people. How to make people happy work and happy life? CARKU is continuously exploring various ways to enrich employees working life.


Every month, carku will throw a small birthday part to together carku people whose birthday on this month. CARKU will buy a big cake, some fruits, sweet and other snacks, then people will get together to enjoy all food, chat, and play games. All are happy at the moment.  


Recently we hold a running activity to help carku people build a healthy and better body.  Happy Running 100 days. Everyone download an APP in the smart phone, once we run, we need to open the APP, which can record our running route. It is very interesting to see different route shape, like sweet , square, triangle, 8 and so on. Running for fun.

Every month CARKU will come up with some nice idea to rich people’s life during wok or after work. These interesting activity means a lot to us.

CARKU loves everyone who is working in the company.

CARKU does its best to express its care to everyone.

CARKU is positive to creat a relax and happy atmosphere.


@2017 Shenzhen CARKU Technology Co., Ltd

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